Golflink Number

Visitors with an active Golflink Number are welcome to join in out competition days. Visitors Competition Fees are $25.

Dress Code

The dress code for the course and club is friendly with the standard being ‘smart casual’. Collared shirts and shoes are required at all times with rubber thongs and ‘offensive’ shirt logos being specifically excluded. All other attire is acceptable with the provision that it is clean, tidy and in good repair. Working attire such as steel capped boots, work shorts or trousers and singlets are not acceptable. Hats are NOT to be worn in the clubrooms.

The committee reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone not conforming with the requirements as displayed at the entry to,and inside of the Clubhouse.

Local Rules

  1. All fence lines surrounding the course define out of bounds
  2. Staked trees: Defined by white pegs–a player MUST drop away within one club length of the nearest point of relief. Penalty: Two strokes if failing to do so and tree is struck
  3. A ball lodging in a kangaroo mark in a bunker may be dropped in the bunker not nearer the hole
  4. Consult notice board for additional temporary local rules
  5. There is a 150cm preferred lie on the fairway you are playing
  6. All divots on fairway should be “chopped in”