Whilst we endeavour to be accurate with all the information presented on this website, this page is intended as a guide only and all persons considering membership should inquire directly to the club for eligibility and current subscription fees. Contact-Club (97) 291273 on Wednesday’s when the office is attended.

The financial year of the Harvey Golf Club Inc. runs from 1st October to 30th September. A quarterly pro-rata system applied to the fees.

MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION FEES – 1st October 2020 – 30th September 2021
 Full –  Member age 36  to 64 years $784.00 
 Full –  Member age 21 to 35 years $509.60
 Full – Senior Current – 65 years of and over -paid member as 30th September 2020 $588.00 
 Full – Senior New – 65 Years of age and over – paid member from 1st October 2020 $706.00
 Junior – under 18 years of age. $67.00 
                18 to 19 years of age. $118.00 
                19 to 20 years of age. $180.00
                20 to 21 years of age. $282.00 
Life Member $10.00
Country Member – (Class 1) $510.00 (Place of residence is between 51Km and 100Km). $510.00
Country Member – (Class 2) $430.00 (Place of residence more than 100Km). $430.00
Summer Member –1st November to 31st March. $315.00 
Casual Member $588.00
Social Member $115.00                                                        (all fees are GST inclusive).

Social Membership

Social membership of Harvey Golf Club is available to the general public. Social membership entitles a person the use of the facilities and services of the Harvey Golf Club, however, it does not give you any playing rights or entitle you to any discounts on Golf Cart hire etc. CONDITIONS: Eligibility and playing rights restrictions apply to some categories of membership and further details should be sought prior to application. See Application to download Nomination Form. Nomination forms must be complete and prospective members must be nominated for membership by two existing full members. Persons applying for membership are, by freely applying for membership, agreeing to be bound by the constitution of the club and all rules and regulations therein described, all acts of parliament and laws that may apply, and all future rules, regulations and laws that may be enacted by the relevant bodies, for the entire time that the membership is active and constitutional according to the constitution of the Harvey Golf Club.