Course Tour

Take a tour and get the feel of the course before stepping onto the grass! An overview of each hole by our experienced players will give you the heads up on the green.

HOLE NO.1   163 METRES    PAR 3

Mid to high iron depending on wind direction, slightly downhill to a sloping green

HOLE NO.2    343 METRES   PAR 4

Straight forward fairway 3 Wood or driver to 150m or better-maybe a long iron for the low handicapper. Second shot into a small green with encroaching bush at the rear

HOLE NO. 3    473 METRES   PAR  5

Undulating fairway from right to left from the tee. A well placed driver then mid to long iron would see you safely positioned between the 150m and 100m marks. From there you can attack the green.

HOLE NO. 4     344 METRES   PAR  4

Dog leg left to right– 194m to the corner– 3 wood– driver and out of bounds down  the left hand side on the second shot. The low handicapper might be tempted to take on the pine trees at the corner. If successful here you should be around the 100m mark and taking a wedge for a realistic birdie chance. If playing a safe tee shot to the 150, prevailing winds aften call for 1 extra club than might ordinarily cover the distance.

HOLE NO. 5    296 METRES    PAR  4

Dog leg right to left – 195m to the corner – 3 Wood or driver. Again the low handicapper might take on the corner and the trees to finish around the 50m mark. A large gum tree guards the green on the high left side.

HOLE NO.6   143 METRES     PAR  3

Uphill shot from tee to green – conditions can create a four club variation from the low to mid irons when considering this hole. High swales at the back of the green punish a long tee shot, being short of the flag usually leaves a makeable uphill putt.

HOLE  NO.7    356 METRES     PAR 4

Very slight left to right and downhill from the tee here. It is 206m to the 150 mark and this hole often plays longer than the yardage indicates. A well placed tee shot, left of centre at the 150m is ideal as several large trees guard a right sided approach. A smaller green requires players to bring the best of their second shots into this green.

HOLE NO. 8    489 METRES    PAR 5

An undulating par 5 with large gum trees each side of the fairway to catch the offline drive. The trees guard the first hilltop at approximately 170m. A drive over the top of the right hand tree would see the ball run back to the middle left of the sloping fairway. From here a middle iron would see the ball at the 150m mark for a straight forward approach. A big drive with a long strong second makes this hole possible in two, but beware deep trouble either side with any misdirection. Regardless of the approach, respect the bunker on the right of the green that attracts a rolling ball.

HOLE NO. 9    386 METRES    PAR  4

The most difficult hole on the course requires your best drive!!!! To make the 150m mark you need to push your drive 236m!, and aim for the right of the fairway for the best possible approach. The average player will almost certainly take a long iron or wood to make the green which slopes back to front and has bunkers both sides.

HOLE NO. 10    114 METRES   PAR 3

A low to mid iron depending on conditions. A bunker awaits the wayward shot going left and the grassy mound to the right means that straight shots get the birdie opportunity, whilst anything wide guarantees bogey will be the best likely result.

HOLE NO. 11    325 METRES    PAR 4

A downhill fairway to the green– out of bounds on the right with a fence line close behind the trees. The low handicapper need only hit a mid to long iron. Fairway narrows at the 80m mark and a gently sloping green awaits what should be a short approach.

HOLE NO. 12     339 METRES    PAR 4

This hole brings many a good round to a screeching halt !!!!! Out of bounds runs the full length of the hole on the right and the heavy bush leftside should only be entered after informing family and friends of your travel plans. The best tee shot is a gentle fade to find the fairway at about the 140m mark. This hole is all in the drive and a good one is rewarded with a straightforward approach to the green although the prevailing winds usually means it will often be played straight into a stiff breeze.

HOLE  NO . 13    299 METRES     PAR 4

This hole follows the roadway up to the golf cub carpark and doglegs left to right at the 100m. A three wood or long iron to the left side of the fairway leaves around 100m uphill to the green, which is often tucked safely behind a large front edge bunker eager to catch a short ball.

HOLE NO. 14     459 METRES   PAR 5

Probably the signature hole of the Harvey Golf Club!!  A double dogleg par 5,there is little room for error with every shot requiring accurate placement to setup for par. Slide the drive right and par is leaking away with the drive. The second shot will ideally sit on top of the hill to leave the player with a 100m approach. There is a deepish bunker at the front right and thick bush close to the back so club selection is crucial. 

HOLE  NO. 15    367 METRES     PAR  4

A dogleg right to left. A long drive is required to see the green from the middle right of the fairway. A drive of 217m will leave a shot of 150m to the green. This green slopes left to right and back to front.

HOLE  NO. 16    430  METRES    PAR 5

A relatively short par 5 which doglegs right to left at the 200m mark. The longer hitting players will attempt to reach this green in two shots.  For the average player a drive and mid iron will leave a short approach shot of between 60 and 80 metres. This hole has a fairway bunker on the right, 30m short of the green to snare the ambitious player trying to be on in two, and a greenside bunker to the left.

HOLE  NO . 17   177 METRES PAR 3

A difficult par 3 which requires length and accuracy from the tee to a smaller green. This hole is often made more difficult by an afternoon headwind. Club selection can vary from mid irons to longer fairway woods.

HOLE NO. 18    353  METRES    PAR 4

A long drive is required here, best positioned toward the lefthand side of the fairway as this hole turns to the right to take the player back to the clubhouse. The approach shot will require a long to mid iron, slightly uphill to a sloping green gaurded by a bunker on the right.