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A player does not have to search for their own ball if they would rather not find it, e.g. when their original ball is likely to be deep in a gorse bush and their provisional ball is in the middle … Read More

The Harvey v Donnybrook Challenge scheduled for the Sunday 5th May 2019 Put your name down on the sheet or let Garry Beacham know if you would like to join in! Always a great day of golf, some friendly rivalry … Read More

This blog follows plenty of discussion around the course and in the clubhouse as expected following DJ’s win on the weekend in the US Open final round. There is a distinction between addressing a ball and grounding a club; A … Read More

MENS VESTS:   $30.00 Sizes in Stock:  2 x  M:    1 x L:    1 x XL:    2 x 2XL: MENS SHIRTS:  $20.00 Sizes in Stock:  1 x S:    1 x M:   3 x XL:   … Read More

An incident occurred during the 5th Hole of the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open when the eventual winner Haru Nomura was clearly shown on television to hit something that resembled a twig in her backswing while in a bunker. The … Read More

Following a wayward drive, a player managed to clatter his 8 iron against a tree, and damaged it, while trying to get his ball back onto the fairway. In this situation, because the player damaged his club in the normal course … Read More

It has been estimated that if golfers learned the “10 Golden Rules” they would be able to resolve 90% of the situations routinely encountered on the course. So, for this year’s New Year Teaser here are 10 questions on these … Read More

If your ball is lost anywhere outside of a water hazard, or is out of bounds, and you have not played a provisional ball………. You must proceed under penalty of stroke and distance This means that the player must play … Read More

Motion: 1  By-Law-6 – Competitions:   Carried Motion: 2  Clause 18.4 – Authorise any major alterations to the layout of the Golf Course:  Lost Motion: 3  Proposed Amendment to constitution to change Financial Year to 1st October – 30th September: … Read More

Withdrawal of Rule on Ball Moving After Address This is the R&A’s second modification to Rule 18-2 in as many editions. In the 2012 edition, the R&A added an exception to avoid punishing a golfer who was not responsible for … Read More