Saturday 22nd February.

In one of the great days held at the club 66 players nominated for the Double D Cup day sponsored by Dianne Sears and Denise Baggetta. Only 7 players were able to beat their handicap. Ian Dobson who has been showing signs of returning to his Harvey Open form was the winner with 38 points beating Lyn Joyce and Mick Baggetta on a countback. Dobson scored evenly on both nines with 19 points on each. His last 5 scores have been just outside his handicap so it was only a matter of time before he had a winnings score. He lost nearly a full shot of his handicap. Joyce who was runner up created a lot of excitement on the tee box as her first shot of the day went into the hole to record her career third hole in one. She also scored 19 points on each nine but unfortunately a wipe on Hole no 18 cost her any chance of victory. This was her best score since early January. Baggetta  who has been playing consistent golf recently with scores close to his handicap scored 21 points on the front nine but could only manage a 17 points on the back nine. A missed putt on his last hole which was millimeters from going in  cost him his chance of winning. He has lost a full shot of his handicap during his last 4 games. Phil Humphreys was fourth with 37 points beating Lance O’ Callaghan, Bill Hodgins and Rita Rae on a countback. Other good scores were recorded by Andrew Henderson who also won the gross, Andrew Look, Ian Grieves and Jan Hunter all on 36 points.

Sat: Stableford: I. Dobson 38, L. Joyce 38, M. Baggetta 38, P. Humphreys 37, L. O’Callaghan 37, B. Hodgins 37, Rita Rae 37, A, Henderson 36, A. Look 36, I. Grieves 36, J. Hunter 36, F. Figliomeni 35, N. Wooltorton 35, S. Jones 34, M. Palumbo 34, T. Piggott 34, M. Kelly 34, R. McEwan 34, R. Skelcher 33, H. Brislin 33, A. Cope 33, T. Joyce 33, R. Ainsworth 33, H. Oliver 33, P. Brandis 32, D. Sears 32.

Gross Stableford: A. Henderson 30.

4 Ball Team Stableford: L. Joyce, G. Miffling, M. Ainsworth, R. Ainsworth 54. Hole In One No 10: L. Joyce.


Weds 19th Feb sponsored by Rod Thomson


42 players nominated for the Rod Thomson stableford event. Club Champion Peter Shine found the winning formula to shoot 74 off the stick to record 39 points. Starting on the back nine Shine scored 20 points and followed this up with 19 points on the front nine. Shine recorded birdies on Holes 3, 11, 13 and 16. Runner up was Peter Brandis with 38 points. He scored 20 points on the front nine and 18 points on the back nine. Brandis who plays a very consistent game of golf regularly scoring close to his handicap put together his best round since Sept 2019. Mick Shilling was third with 37 points beating Lance O’Callaghan and Tony Joyce on a countback. Shilling scored 17 points on the front nine and 20 points on the back nine. Other good scores were handed in by Vince Cosentino and Mike Kelly on 36 points, Delilah Hurley, Brian Hay and Terry O’ Reilly with 35 points.

Stableford: P. Shine 39, P. Brandis 38, M. Shilling 37, L. O’Callaghan 37, T. Joyce 37, V. Cosentino 36, M. Kelly 36, D. Hurley 35, B. Hay 35, T. O’Reilly 35, A. Look 34, J. Bianchi 34, S. Iceton 34, B. Hodgins 33, C. Williams 32, A. Cope 32, G. Wheeler 32, J. Oliver 32, C. Holman 32, R. Suarez 31, B. Dobson 31, W. Hatch 31, H. Oliver 31, A. Grieve 31, P. Welch, H. Brislin.

Gross Stableford: P. Shine 34.

4Ball stableford: C. Williams, L. O’Callaghan 45. NTP No 1: J. Baggetta. No 6: V. Cosentino. No 10: P. Shine, No 17: P. Shine.





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