Sat 4th July.


The golf season is getting back into full swing with the July Monthly mug sponsored by Brian Blackburn which coincided with the first round of the Gold letter event – Presidents trophy which is played over 36 holes been held.

Country member Doug Savarese in his first event at Harvey since the Covid 19 border restrictions were lifted was declared the winner on a countback from Mike Dellit and Derek Williams with a Nett 71. Savarese who plays off a 6 handicap shot a 77 off the stick made up of 40 on the front nine and 37 on the back nine including a birdie on No 16. Dellit who plays off a 21 handicap shot 92 made up of 47 on the front nine and 45 on the back nine. Williams who plays off 20 handicap shot 91 made up of 46 on the front nine and 45 on the back nine. Next best were Richard Rae and Stewart Jones on Nett 72. Rae shot 87 off the stick while Jones shot a 90 including a birdie on 17. Other good scores were handed in by Garry Beacham, Tony Cooper and Alan Cope on Nett 73.

Current Harvey Open Champion Robyn Peet had the best score on the day for the ladies with a great score of 67 Nett. Playing off an 18 handicap Peet shot a 85 off the stick made up of 43 on the front nine and 42 on the back nine. Judith Doyle also handed in a great score of 69 Nett. She shot a 41 on the front nine which included a birdie on No 3 and followed this up with a 45.

Visitor Rob Gauci had the individual highlight of the day with an Eagle 2 on the Par 4 Hole no 4.

Next Saturday will be the Hobson’s Furniture Store trophy and the second round of the President’s Trophy. It will be a close finish as a number of players still have a winning chance.

Monthly Mug Stroke: Nett: Men: D. Savarese 71, M. Dellit 71, D. Williams 71, R. Rae 72, S. Jones 72, G. Beacham 73, T. Cooper 73, A. Cope 73, D. Devenish 74, P. Shine 75, J. Lister 75, C. Holman 75, M. Lowe 75, K. Wooltorton 76, R. Gauci (Kwinana GC) 76 – Eagle No 4, A. Rogers 76, I. Dobson 76.

Ladies: R. Peet 67, J. Doyle 69, D. Hurley 76, L. Ovenden 78, P. Davey 79. Gross: D. Savarese 77, G. Beacham 78.

4Ball Team Nett Stroke: R. Gauci, M. Shorter, S Jones 60.


Weds 1st July – Scroungers sponsored by Graham Collins


Club champion showed that he may be getting back to good form with a great 77 off the stick for 37 stableford points to win on a countback from Paul Lawson. Shine scored 17 points on the front nine and followed this up with 20 points on the back nine which included a birdie on No 10. Lawson who plays off a 33 handicap also scored 17 points on the front nine and 20 on the back nine. Unfortunately for him he had a wipe on No 14 which put paid to his winning chances. Howard Lane was third with 36 points. He scored evenly on both nines with 18 points. Next best were John Parton and Garry Beacham on 25 points. Other good scores were handed in by Alex Morley, Brian Hay, Peter Brandis, Judith Doyle and Alan Morley all on 34 points.

Stableford: P. Shine 37, P. Lawson 37, H. Lane 36, J. Parton 35, G. Beacham 35, Alex Morley 34, B. Hay 34, P. Brandis 34, J. Doyle 34, Alan Morley 34, T. Piggott 33, R. McEwan 33, W. Hatch 33, J. Bianchi 33, C. Holman 33, H. Brislin 32, M. Yap 32, S. Doyle 32, G. Dawson 32, M. Kelly 32, C. Holt 32.

Gross Stableford: P. Shine 31, J. Parton 30.

Team Stableford: T. Morley, G. Wheeler, P. Lawson 48.